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Yuri Alexeev and Theresa L. Windus and Chang-Guo Zhan and David A. Dixon. Accurate Heats of Formation and Acidities for H<span class='mathrm'><sub>3</sub></span>PO<span class='mathrm'><sub>4</sub></span>, H<span class='mathrm'><sub>2</sub></span>SO<span class='mathrm'><sub>4</sub></span>, and H<span class='mathrm'><sub>2</sub></span>CO<span class='mathrm'><sub>3</sub></span> from ab initio Electronic Structure Calculations. Int. J. Quantum Chem. 102(5), pp. 775-784 (2005).

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Yuri Alexeev and Benjamin A. Allan and Robert C. Armstrong and David E. Bernholdt and Tamara L. Dahlgren and Dennis Gannon and Curtis L. Janssen and Joseph P. Kenny and Manojkumar Krishnan and James A. Kohl and Gary Kumfert and Lois Curfman McInnes and Jarek Nieplocha and Steven G. Parker and Craig Rasmussen and Theresa L. Windus. Component-Based Software for High-Performance Scientific Computing. In Anthony Mezzacappa, (ed.) SciDAC 2005, Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing, 26--30 June 2005, San Francisco, CA, USA, volume 16 of Journal of Physics: Conference Series, pp. 536-540. Institute of Physics. 2005.

Manojkumar Krishnan and Yuri Alexeev and Theresa L. Windus and Jarek Nieplocha. Multilevel Parallelism in Computational Chemistry using Common Component Architecture and Global Arrays. In Supercomputing, 2005. Proceedings of the ACM/IEEE SC 2005 Conference IEEE. 2005.

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