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Wael Elwasif and Boyana Norris and Benjamin A. Allan and Robert Armstrong. Bocca: A Development Environment for HPC Components. In Proceedings of HPC-GECO/CompFrame'07, October 21-22, 2007, Montreal, Québec, Canada, pp. 21-30. ACM, ISBN 978-1-59593-867-1. 2007.

Valmor de Almeida and David E. Bernholdt and Doug Dechow and Wael Elwasif. Integrated Simulation using the Common Component Architecture. Poster, Computational Science and Engineering Conference (CESC) 2007, Washington, DC, USA, 10-12 April 2007. (Unpublished)

Robert Armstrong and Benjamin A. Allan and David Bernholdt and Wael Elwasif. On the role of self-similarity in component-based software. In Compframe 2005 (Unpublished) 2005. (extended abstract)

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