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Joseph P. Kenny and Steven J. Benson and Yuri Alexeev and Jason Sarich and Curtis L. Janssen and Lois Curfman Mcinnes and Manojkumar Krishnan and Jarek Nieplocha and Elizabeth Jurrus and Carl Fahlstrom and Theresa L. Windus. Component-Based Integration of Chemistry and Optimization Software. J. of Computational Chemistry 24(14), pp. 1717-1725 (2004).

Steven Benson and Manojkumar Krishnan and Lois Mcinnes and Jarek Nieplocha and Jason Sarich. Using the GA and TAO Toolkits for Solving Large-Scale Optimization Problems on Parallel Computers. ACM Trans. Math. Softw. 33(2), p. 11 (2007). 21pp

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